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Solar energy is a process of nuclear fusion in the sun. The fusion reaction takes place when the protons in the hydrogen atoms violently collapse with the core of the sun’s surface for the creation of a helium atom. Generally, this process is termed a Proton-proton reaction, and the reaction releases an enormous amount of energy. In the core of the sun, almost 620 metric tons of hydrogen are fused per second. This chain reaction also occurs in other stars that are the same in size as the sun.

The amount of heat produces by these stars is almost 4 million degrees on the scale of Kelvin. These nuclear reactions in space release a massive amount of solar energy into the solar system. The solar energy released by the sun is flowing constantly and warming the earth. It is also causing weather changes, sustaining plants and animal life. Similarly, the world is utilizing these electromagnetic radiations in producing heat and power energy.

What is a Solar Energy Plant?

A solar power plant is designed to get energy from the sun. As sunlight is renewable, you can use it at home and office for powering up. Installing a solar power plant might cost you high one time, however, it minimizes your energy consumption and will be cost-efficient later on. So if you are looking for solar energy services in Saudi Arabia then ESSCO is the best solution for you.



Your Monthly Bill

Solar energy can save you up to 100% of your monthly bill, Did you know that people who are in the second segment in Saudi pay 120,000 in just 2 Years? This will start making your investment profitable by minimizing your monthly expense.

Saving Mother Earth

Going solar prevents us from relying on non-renewable energy sources such as Charcoal, which increases the amount of polluted air burning it. The solar energy plant installation and working won’t cause harm to nature. As the sun is releasing energy continuously, you will not run out of energy. So, there will be no blackout at your home and office.

Endless Power

The only thing that will stop solar power is when the sun stops rising. The solar plant reduces a dependency factor. With a solar plant, you can get power at home not depending on the electric grid of your area in case of emergency. Renewable generated energy can be consumed for cooling, heating, and lighting purpose at home and offices.


Residential Solar Systems

Get your house solar panels installed and prepare to enjoy your free energy, Full house solar panel kit delivered and installed to your house with a 25 years Warranty on solar panels.

Commercial Solar Energy Services

We help businesses become more cost-efficient by reducing energy costs. We professionally design a solar energy system to handle your energy requirements commercially. With our solar energy services, you can gain more net profit in your business by having lesser utility expenses.

solar energy carport

Solar Carport Design

Multitasking is key to being more cost-efficient, Solar carport will generate Solar power while satisfying your Customers with shaded Parking.

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Essco is a certified company as a provider of Solar Energy Solutions in Saudi Arabia. We believe in the necessity of shifting towards renewable energy and being environmentally friendly.

 Energy Sustainable Solutions is a subsidiary of ESSCO which was established to keep pace with the developments in green energy and sustainable development for realizing Saudi Vision 2030.

We look forward to becoming a community partner in the transformation towards sustainable energy and achieving green building standards, be part of the change, and get your solar panel installed!



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